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While treating your insureds with unsurpassed professionalism is our priority, PCH is also experienced in every aspect of claim handling. From initial contact to the final settlement, PCH is there to expedite your claim handling skillfully and precisely. Contact is made within 24 hours after receiving an assignment and most inspections are completed within 48 hours depending on claim volume. We provide a thorough inspection to determine the exact cause of loss; apply the policy language as needed to resolve the claim; inspect and document all affected property; and create a detailed estimate of the damages. PCH will paint a clear picture of the loss for the carrier and often prevent time consuming and costly re-inspections and potential litigation.

With a competitive fee schedule that can be negotiated to fit your needs, why go anywhere else? Go with a pro and let Precision Claim Handling be the face of your company!


Precision Claim Handling (PCH) is a full service independent adjusting firm that was founded on the basis of professionalism and accuracy. While handling both catastrophe and daily claims for multiple carriers across the country, I often found myself handling re-inspections for other adjusters. As I listened to the insureds, a recurring theme emerged. A large majority of the policyholders were upset that not enough time was given for their assessment and they believed many things were overlooked during the initial inspection. I found that spending just a little more time with the insureds, addressing all of their concerns, and explaining my findings along with the pertinent policy language helped them to understand the basis for their settlement. I incorporated this knowledge into every claim I handled since and I have continued to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. By simply taking the time to listen to the insureds, I can often move the claim to resolution faster without the need for a costly re-inspection. I often make it my personal goal, whether there is coverage or not, to leave the loss with a mutual handshake and a sincere thank you from the insured.